How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service Provider

The basic pre-requisite to run a website successfully is high-quality web hosting which can keep your site accessible all the time. So, any wrong decision in choosing the best web hosting provider can make your business incuse losses. So, if there is any situation which requires your serious consideration, research and market surveys, then it is the selection of the web hosting provider. But, when you step out to find the best hosting provider, you'll be amazed to see a dizzying array of hosting companies struggling against each other in cutting edge competition. So, the question arises - how to choose the perfect hosting partner. Well, read on to know how can you choose the best one.

First of all, check the technical specifications

  • First of all, take a honest and profound look at your website and figure out what technical specifications you need. For example, if you want to host an e-commerce website, videos and rich content, then you must not look for the cheapest hosting packages. So, evaluate your bandwidth and disk space requirements. If your site includes a higher number of high end graphics, videos or shopping cart that attracts a high influx of traffic, then you have to look out for hosting packages which offer a decent bandwidth and disk space, preferably, unlimited. Similarly, if you have a simple website which you know that wouldn't generate very high amount of traffic, then you can look out for limited packages with lower prices.
  • Second most important factor which needs your serious consideration is the operating system. Always check with your service provider that which all operating systems are supported, because any incompatibility with operating system may make your site inaccessible.
  • Security of content is also an imperative factor these days, especially for e-commerce oriented websites. Some important aspects like user authentication, regular backups and firewalls are very critical these days, as your site may contain sensitive data of your customers whose security cannot be compromised in any condition. It would be an additional benefit if your hosting provider notifies you about any suspicious activity being encountered at your site.
  • The last but not the least significant factor is reliability. After all, you are making your website to reach your customers and users, and if it is not accessible to them, then it's of no use. So, a fixed uptime guarantee must be given by the hosting provider which should, in any case, not go below 99%. Most of the hosting providers are offering a reliability 99%, so you must not accept anything below this.

Pricing Concerns and Value for Money

While it is imperative to look out for a hosting service provider with reasonable prices but low price must not be the only parameter for selecting a hosting provider. First, you must check if the hosting provider is offering all the features that you require and then you can compare the prices, and look out for best value deals with the required features.

One important point to consider here is your hosting plan must be able to accommodate your growing needs. Your website may grow in the future and so would your requirements related to hosting, so choose a hosting plan that can accommodate your growing requisites and must not charge you very high if you upgrade your package.

Customer support and service

It really does not matter how experienced web master you are, you may have to call the customer support for an array of issues that you'll encounter with the hosting service time to time. So, customer support and reputation is a factor where you'll have to become little creative. perform a Google search on the company and check for the user reviews. You can also search them on social networking sites and check out what their customers have to say about the company. The questions for which you need answers are:

  • Are they easy to contact for support?
  • When they encounter a problem with a site, what is their approach towards the problem?
  • What is the average time taken by them to respond to a ticket?
  • Are the customer support executives knowledgeable and friendly?

Look out for extra features

Along with the mandatory features like bandwidth, databases, disk space, FTP accounts and domain registration, find out what extra features the top web hosting company is offering for the price they are charging. They must give e-mail features, an easy to use Control Panel, easy installation of blogs & forums. The hosting provider must be scalable and they must fit into your website's future plans. There are some providers who also offer website setup and freebies for to be used on Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo. So, carry out a profound evaluation of the shortlisted hosting companies and select the one that offers the best set of features.

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